It's been a while, here's some updates.

So last year I wanted to make better use of this blog and post more often, even if was rough stuff but that didn't happen.
I'll be joining FZD as a instructor this Thursday, August 1. Won't be taking any freelance work for a while, but in the long run I should be able to post work or maybe other stuff from time to time.

For the people reading this post is there anything you'd like to see me post or talk about?

As you can tell from my gallery I like showing rough sketches from my design process since I feel it's valuable, as part of the design process, to other artists and students. But when it comes to sketches that I do in my free time for fun or practice, I always do them without the intention of ever showing them. By taking that pressure off myself I can enjoy sketching regularly and trying out stuff without worrying about the need for stuff to look good. If something comes out good I can always decide to post it later.