How much does it cost?

Contact me at dom.yk.chan@gmail.com or message me through any other platform. Quoted rates are negotiable. If you don’t have the budget but still want to work with me we can negotiate other forms of payment/compensation.

Please provide me with information on what type of work, the quantity you need and your schedule/deadlines. I will also need a sample(s) of what you are expecting of deliverables. Based on the information I receive I’ll provide: a quote for a daily rate or asset rate, when I can start, and how long I expect it to take.

What’s happens after you’ve hired me?

If the timeline/schedule works and we’ve agreed on a rate, method and time(s) of payment, then we’ll proceed to sign the contract(s) regarding payment, copyright, NDAs, and if required anything else. You can provide the contract or if needed I will provide one regarding payment and copyright.

We’ll decide on a time and means to check in regularly, or at what points of the process you’d like me to provide updates. We’ll also need to decide how to share and submit files. Usually final submissions are done through dropbox, but sketches/WIP/intermediates can be done through email, google drive, etc.

Check ins can be done through: Email, Skype, Google Hangouts, Appear.in, or any other platform if you have a preference.

What information and assets can a client provide to help? (if available)

The clearer an idea I have of what you need, want, and objectives/intentions for the product/design the more efficiently I can work.

  • Purpose/function of final product: Medium, ideas/moods to communicate, etc
  • Aspect Ratio/Resolution Requirements for assets and prints especially.
  • Style guides and visual references. Work established for the same project.
  • Examples of required/expected refinement of design and art for the current assignment.
  • Story/Context: location, technology level, culture, social political situation.
  • Historical information for projects that require accuracy.
  • Game: Genre/Type, gameplay and hardware limitations/requirements, 3D blockouts, etc 
  • Film: Budget for production, preferred lense(s), etc
  • Other specific/technical requirements or specialised information to be considered.

How do you work?

This is a general workflow and I usually adapt to the needs or preferences of the project. So the amount of time spent and the method used for each project/phase will often differ.

Initial Research: Visual Reference/Style Guides. Any other research required to produce a product that meets the visual and functional needs of the client. Eg. History, culture, function. 

Usually 1~2 hours to collect reference images and information for a set of similar assets. I collect more as I need during the design process.
Note: If any of this information was provided I’ll only do the remainder of what I need, if any.

Ideation: Thumbnails and rough design sketches to find the visual direction and explore ideas. Focus on silhouettes, shapes, forms, volumes. Forms are readable, details are usually implied and can be hard to make out. Enough information to block out large forms in 3D. Sometimes I start a sketch in 3D.

Thumbnails: 2~5 minutes per thumbnail.
Design sketch: 10~90 minutes per sketch. Varies greatly on scale and complexity of design and whether it’s a black and white line sketch, or coloured paint sketch, 3D sketch, etc.

Initial Design Refinement: Refinement of design based on selected sketch(s) and client feedback. Design/Production sketches that finalise the shapes, proportions and bring detail to a level that is understandable. Continue to explore ways to explain more story, context and functions better. Usually enough information for a modeller to flesh out the design and resolve the details on their own, especially with callouts to reference images.

Design/Production Sketches: 30 minutes ~3 hours per sketch/image.

Further Design Refinement: Continue refinement of design until all issues are resolved, details are fully explained and client satisfied. More sketches, drawings, detail callouts. Details can include: Props within environments, moving parts, trims/ patterns, construction/materials/joints/connections, character poses and expressions, etc. 

Polish/Production: Fully rendered designs, polishing of illustration, and orthographics if required.

Polished Visualisation: Usually 1-2 days.
Orthographics: 1-3 days.
Illustration: 5-15 days from ideation to final.